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~ A movement to bring the Washington Grays back to the District ~

Phase 1, COMPLETE: Baseball is back in D.C.!

Phase 2, Pending: Name the new D.C. team after the Grays

Take Action Alert! Bud Selig and MLB may name the team after the World Series. Write to them now!


"Naming the city's major league team after the Washington Homestead Grays, perennial Negro League champions, would be a fitting living memorial to the great black baseball team that once played here. In a city filled with monuments there is nothing to remind us that great black sluggers Josh Gibson and Buck Leonard packed Griffith Stadium and hit home runs at a pace unmatched by their white counterparts on the Washington Senators. Keeping the Gray's name alive is a fitting tribute to the city's forgotten baseball past. It also links the new team to a winning tradition."

-Brad Snyder, Author "Beyond the Shadow of the Senators: The Untold Story of the Homestead Grays and the Integration of Baseball"


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-Michael Wilbon, Washington Post sportswriter, "With D.C. Back in the Market, It's Time to Go Shopping for a Name"


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